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BSSC took a day trip to Loon Mountain on Sunday, December 13th and met up with Mark Wallace, Co-founder of Parlor Skis to try out all that Boston’s only custom ski builder has to offer. The day started off with some spring-like weather and some challenging early season conditions, but everyone was excited to start their 2015-2016 ski & ride season.


BSSC Trip Leaders ranging from beginner to expert skiers headed out in groups to put their Parlor Skis to the test and ski with Mark for some instant feedback. Parlor Skis are designed and built locally in East Boston, specifically for each individual customer. Whether you are looking for an all-mountain ski like the Cardinal 90, or a tree and bump experience with the Sparrow; Parlor has it covered.


Skiing directly with Mark was a valuable experience. Any tweaks or ideas the leaders had, Mark could translate that feedback directly to the shop for a future custom skiing experience for each individual. You could tell Mark knew every detail of every pair by the excitement Leaders displayed when they hopped on a new pair recommended for them.


Make sure to check out to start your custom ski building process, grab a brew at their shop night or learn more about what goes into each custom ski.



- Leaders with their Parlors (left) and Parlor Co-Founder Mark Wallace (rig

Ski season is coming!  As we announce our full slate of weekend and day trips, we’re going inside the trip with an interview with one of BSSC's ski trip leaders, Nikki Visnick. Join Nikki and our other amazing trip leaders on trips to the best ski resorts New England has to offer this winter.

Nikki Visnick, 28, Somerville MA

Nikki Visnick
When did you get involved with BSSC?
I went on my first BSSC trip during the 2012/2013 season.  I had learned to ski at a young age as my parents were pretty avid skiers before us kids came along and stole all of the free time.  But I lost touch with skiing during high school and college while competitively competing in gymnastics.  With my gymnastics career over, I was seeking a sport where I could find some thrill and passion – I’ve yet to find that rush in anything beyond skiing or gymnastics.

What brought you to BSSC?
I was looking to build a network in the skiing community, as I had just moved back to the Boston area after a few years spent out of New England.  Meeting new people in Boston can be tough, but BSSC made it easier by way of finding those that I had something in common with.  I did have a car, but driving back from a long day of skiing was just not optimal, especially if I went solo. The BSSC day trips were a convenient way for me to get up to the better mountains.  

What kinds of trips have you gone on with BSSC?
Day trips and weekend trips (Jay Peak, was specifically my first weekend trip with BSSC, and by far my favorite)

by Jane Hayes of c2


It’s never too early to begin prepping for the season ahead. I don’t know about you, but I’m already digging my cold-weather gear out of the closet so when that first snowstorm hits I’m ready to get out there.

Before I started c2, I spent a lot of time outdoors (still do). Constant adventuring has given me the chance to seek and test the best materials to keep me comfortable in the wind, snow, and rain, and learn how factors like what I eat and who my companions are can make or break a day. Here are five things I remind myself at the beginning of each winter season to make sure I keep going from sunup to sundown (and even when I’m caught out after dark).

1. Prepare for the apocalypse
Prep for Outdoor Fun with c2OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but my point here is that as New Englanders, we know it can go from sun to hail in a matter of minutes. But somehow our Boston Strong-ness makes us think we can hike a snow-covered Mount Washington in shorts.

Make sure you choose gear that’s versatile enough to keep up with changing conditions during your wild adventures. On big excursions, the weather will change while you’re out, and by preparing for the worst you’re ensuring you’ll have the best day.

2. Know your habits—and your friends’
You never want to be the person your friends worry about. Know your body and bring the key special items that will act as creature comforts when you need them most, whether that’s extra socks or a Snickers bar. Your friends’ good time depends on you&mdas

Seven-month old Ranier Dean wears his Boston Ski & Sports Club onesie with pride. He’s a little young to be joining quite yet, but he probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the BSSC ski trip where his parents met a few years back.

Ranier Dean 7 monthsCourtney Dean, Ranier’s dad, was leading the trip when he first spotted his future wife, Liz. “I was a trip leader, and she was on a date with someone else,” he recalls. But when the temps dipped too low for skiing, Courtney spotted Liz at the bar and took advantage of the fact they’d ridden up on the same bus to introduce himself. Not wanting to be a bad date, Liz politely brushed him off.

But she remembered her short chat with Courtney. Once the trip (and her date) ended, Liz looked him up. They started to date, he proposed at Sunday River, they were wed in 2012 and welcomed Rainier into the world this January.

For Courtney and Liz, BSSC ski trips aren’t just where they met. They’ve actually built a network of friends who share their love of the slopes thanks to trips with BSSC. For Courtney, the trips offered an outlet to get out and get to know people when he was new to Boston back in 2008.

“I took my first trip with BSSC alone,” he says. “The biggest thing to remember is there are other people in your shoes. If I had anxiety about doing something, I’d remember that sitting around doing nothing at all is even worse.”

In fact, Courtney met one of his best friends on the bus to his first Sunday River Parrothead weekend. The friend has since moved to Seattle, but the two get together yearly for a weeklong ski trip.

Regardless of whether you&r

There are vacations, and there are adventures. If the latter are your bag, Boston Ski & Sports Club has the lineup you’re looking for this year.  Have the experience of a lifetime with trips that combine travel and culture with the excitement of a physical challenge like whitewater rafting, hiking, gliding, zip-lining or even riding an elephant!


The BSSC lineup promises an amazing experience whether you travel near or far. We provide guides and everything you need to enjoy your stay, from lodging to select meals, transportation and all the little details along the way.  You'll have an amazing time with like-minded adventurers, so whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, you’re sure to meet a few new people. And best of all, with more than 40 years of experience, BSSC gets the best rates and the insider experiences.


So the question is: Where will you be adventuring this Summer?


Go Soaring in Vermont

June 26-28, 2015

$299, non-members add $30

Ever wonder what it’s like to soar like an eagle? No motor, just gliding over the mountains in silence. Now’s your chance to give it a try. Join BSSC and Sugarbush Soaring in Vermont for ground school and pre-flight experience before going up in a glider for a view you won't soon forget. Trip includes two nights at the Sugar Lodge, daily continental breakfast, soaring school and a flight. Sunday is free to golf, hike, mountain bike, visit Ben & Jerry’s or simply relax!

NEXT DATE: September 11-13



Sayonara, Snow!

Hello Spring Sports!


Here we are in the middle of a long, tough winter. But we promise you, buried under that five feet of snow sits a green, lush softball field. And if you weren’t already looking forward to it melting, this winter has given you all the reason you need to start lining up fun things to do in Boston in spring.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that our spring sports registrations are now open! BSSC provides the perfect chance to get outside, get active and enjoy some beers after the game. Whether you’re a hyper-competitive former college soccer player or you just want to re-live your recess glory days with a game of dodgeball, BSSC has the game for you. Many of our leagues are even multi-level, so you can ensure you’re playing against people with the same skills as your team.
We’ve got new recreational sports leagues starting for spring all over Greater Boston, including north and south of the city.


Here are some of the highlights for 2015:
•    New Boston Metro and Metro North softball leagues starting as we’ve continued to see record numbers of softball teams come into the program. We’ll be offering three different levels of play for the leagues.