Seven-month old Ranier Dean wears his Boston Ski & Sports Club onesie with pride. He’s a little young to be joining quite yet, but he probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the BSSC ski trip where his parents met a few years back.

Ranier Dean 7 monthsCourtney Dean, Ranier’s dad, was leading the trip when he first spotted his future wife, Liz. “I was a trip leader, and she was on a date with someone else,” he recalls. But when the temps dipped too low for skiing, Courtney spotted Liz at the bar and took advantage of the fact they’d ridden up on the same bus to introduce himself. Not wanting to be a bad date, Liz politely brushed him off.

But she remembered her short chat with Courtney. Once the trip (and her date) ended, Liz looked him up. They started to date, he proposed at Sunday River, they were wed in 2012 and welcomed Rainier into the world this January.

For Courtney and Liz, BSSC ski trips aren’t just where they met. They’ve actually built a network of friends who share their love of the slopes thanks to trips with BSSC. For Courtney, the trips offered an outlet to get out and get to know people when he was new to Boston back in 2008.

“I took my first trip with BSSC alone,” he says. “The biggest thing to remember is there are other people in your shoes. If I had anxiety about doing something, I’d remember that sitting around doing nothing at all is even worse.”

In fact, Courtney met one of his best friends on the bus to his first Sunday River Parrothead weekend. The friend has since moved to Seattle, but the two get together yearly for a weeklong ski trip.

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