Winter in Boston can be a tough road. For young professionals who like to get out and stay active, the shuttering of outdoor patios, rough weather and early nightfall can be a difficult pill to swallow. Instead of resorting to treadmill runs and giving up your sun-soaked happy hours for nights watching Netflix in your cozies... consider these five ways we have up our sleeve to keep you active and social all winter long.




1. Indoor Softball
Nothing says summertime like softball, but you don’t have to give it up just because of dropping temps.  Indoor softball games are fast-paced nights with the perfect mix of adrenalin and socialization. Most teams will go out for a beer after the game—a great way to motivate yourself to stay social despite chilly weather. View the full slate of indoor softball options here.



2. Basketball
For those looking for something that’ll really make you sweat, BSSC’s basketball leagues are dripping with options. We focus on high-quality facilities and convenient locations like Waltham, Watertown and South Boston. Men's and Coed Basketball games can get intense and competitive, so they’re a great way to sweat off the extra holiday poun