Checking off your Bucket List is easy with BSSC


More than 50,000 people join us every year to play sports, go on ski trips and go to some of the Boston’s best parties, but did you know that one of our missions is to get you OUT of the city too?



For nearly 50 years, BSSC has been organizing some of the most amazing bucket list-style trips to the world’s best vacations. If you’ve never tried traveling this way, with a small group on a guided tour, here are five reasons to consider it now:




Decades of experience mean that we partner with the best travel companies, hotels, resorts and more and use our buying power to get awesome deals. We pass those savings on to you to make a trip that might not be affordable if you booked on your own suddenly within reach.


Less Stress

Booking airlines, hotels, figuring out what areas of the city to stay in  - booking trips can be a HUGE headache, especially when you’re going to an unfamiliar city or country and need to figure everything out on your own. By booking a trip through BSSC, all that’s already researched, decided – in fact, in most cases, experienced by our travel professionals – before you even set foot in the airport.


New People

With BSSC, you have the choice of booking with a friend or group of friends, or going on a trip solo. Either way, you’re sure to meet lots of amazing people on your journey. Love the guys and girls you play soccer, ski or pub crawl with? Those same people are hopping on these trips, so you’re sure to have lots in common. If you’re traveling solo, BSSC trips are a less expensive, social and safe way to have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Local Knowledge

Trying to research a new place or understand a new culture using Google can be overwhelming and in most cases, futile. BSSC partners with experienced guides for trips so that you’re sure to get the insider information on everything. From safety to the best places to stay, play and eat, BSSC trips ensure that you get a top-notch trip even if you know nothing about the place.


Bucket List Check-Offs

Biking (and watching) the Tour de France. Summer skiing to Chile. Adventuring in Costa Rica. Exploring India. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that BSSC provides in a cost-effective, fun and easy to book format. If you see a trip that you’ve always wanted to do, all you have to do is click to register for it and you’re on your way. It’s possibly the easiest way to check off your Bucket List!


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