Ski season is coming!  As we announce our full slate of weekend and day trips, we’re going inside the trip with an interview with one of BSSC's ski trip leaders, Nikki Visnick. Join Nikki and our other amazing trip leaders on trips to the best ski resorts New England has to offer this winter.

Nikki Visnick, 28, Somerville MA

Nikki Visnick
When did you get involved with BSSC?
I went on my first BSSC trip during the 2012/2013 season.  I had learned to ski at a young age as my parents were pretty avid skiers before us kids came along and stole all of the free time.  But I lost touch with skiing during high school and college while competitively competing in gymnastics.  With my gymnastics career over, I was seeking a sport where I could find some thrill and passion – I’ve yet to find that rush in anything beyond skiing or gymnastics.

What brought you to BSSC?
I was looking to build a network in the skiing community, as I had just moved back to the Boston area after a few years spent out of New England.  Meeting new people in Boston can be tough, but BSSC made it easier by way of finding those that I had something in common with.  I did have a car, but driving back from a long day of skiing was just not optimal, especially if I went solo. The BSSC day trips were a convenient way for me to get up to the better mountains.  

What kinds of trips have you gone on with BSSC?
Day trips and weekend trips (Jay Peak, was specifically my first weekend trip with BSSC, and by far my favorite)!  I have yet to join a week-long vacation, but hope to get to Europe in the next year or two with the club!

Once you started, what were some of your favorite parts of the trips?
Ease of getting to the mountains safely, meeting new friends and skiing with some pretty rad skiers and riders.  Since joining BSSC, my winter family has grown.  

When and why did you become a BSSC trip leader?
The 2013/2014 season.  After going on a few trips, I felt as though it was something that I would really enjoy fitting into my life, allowing for extra ski days, extra ski friends and the gratifying feeling of sharing my passion for skiing with a bus full of strangers.  

BSSC Trip Leader NikkiWhat can newcomers expect from their first BSSC ski trip?
I actually went on my first day trip alone and had a great time, so if you’re on the fence – give it a try! Who knows where it might lead you? You can expect to wake up early (if it’s a day trip), with the benefit of receiving a full ski day with a pretty stellar sunrise on the way up to the mountain. You can expect to chat with skiers or riders who are passionate about getting out and enjoying these New England winters.  You can expect for all of the details to be taken care of by your BSSC trip leader; from tickets, rental vouchers and maps in the morning, to meeting for lunch with the group, to kicking off a weekend trip with a tasty brew in hand. One of the greatest benefits of taking a weekend trip is that you have more time to mingle with the group, can really enjoy some après, and you will have more time to find those great spots on the mountain.

Why is skiing with BSSC better than deciding to go up skiing yourself?
There are quite a few reasons! Naps on the way to and from, new winter friends, ski or ride buddies with similar abilities are bound to be around (always important to have a few pals with you in the trees), lunch with the crew, and who could forget the après?

Is there a "dream BSSC trip" you hope to go on in upcoming years or any trips you're particularly excited about this winter?
Well as I mentioned, Europe is on the list for next year – I was pretty interested in the Zell am See-Kaprun, Austria trip, but a work trip has taken the slot. Looking forward to next year’s line-up to see if I can finally cross some Alps skiing off of my list.  For the meantime, I will certainly be jumping on a Jay weekend trip – the Jay cloud never seems to disappoint, the glades and terrain are second to none. And if you’re going with BSSC, it usually includes a pizza party in the waterpark.  Did you know that our Canadian friends come south to ski Jay? I always thought that heading south to ski was odd.  You’re also bound to run into me if you’re watching the weather and hopping on a day trip in pursuit of a powder day.  Lets all cross our fingers for some of those!