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BSSC Indoor Soccer LeaguesPlay with the Boston Ski & Sports Club - the largest adult indoor soccer program in the Greater Boston area!  As many as 250 teams can be found playing each week between November and April on quality indoor fields at 8 different locations.  BSSC offers a variety of Coed, Men's & Women's leagues, many of which run year-round. 

  • Teams and individuals of all levels welcome!
  • Premier locations built for indoor soccer feature synthetic grass fields without walls, plus 1 rink with walls and 1 Futsal court.
  • Coed play includes 8 on 8 (6 Men & 2 women), 7 on 7 (5 men & 2 women), 6 on 6 (4 men & 2 women), and 5 on 5 (3 men & 2 women)
  • Men's play offers 7 on 7 & 5 on 5 leagues
  • Women's play offers 5 on 5 leagues
  • Up to 24 leagues, of 4-24 teams each, consist of A & B (sometimes C) levels of play
  • Seasons include 6-10 scheduled games, one per week with some "bye weeks", plus potential playoffs
  • Games are officiated and consist of two 25-minute running time halves (Thursday BAC league plays 22 minut halves).
  • Game times vary by league & location, but in general weeknight games start between 7 & 10 PM and weekend games start between 11AM & 10PM
  • Shin guards are required and must be provided by the players 
  • Team fee includes: team ball, team shirts & prizes for division winners
  • Teams save $50 if they sign up their team one month prior to the start date.

Indoor leagues are offered in Bedford, Belmont, Middleton, Newton, Quincy, South Boston, Weston, and Wilmington.

To view start dates & locations and learn about all the leagues now forming, click on Current Offerings