Wednesday Bedford 7v7 Coed & Men's Indoor Soccer

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Choose Men's or Coed Soccer at the Edge Sports Center in Bedford.  Played on 3 large synthetic grass fields measuring 170'x100' with no boards. Wednesday is the only coed league at this location that runs YEAR ROUND (selling out when played indoors).  From December to early April games are indoors with the bubble, which comes down in April thru November for outdoor play.  The outdoor sessions offer reduced team fees. 


Shin guards are mandatory. Players may use sneakers or indoor/outdoor soccer shoes. NO 11PM GAMES.

  • Coed is 7 on 7, including goalie (5 men, 2 women)
  • Men is 7 on 7 (6 field players + goalie)
  • 6 games, one game per week with 1-2 "bye weeks"
  • 18-26 teams (divided into divisions if possible)
  • Start times vary between 7:00pm & 10:00pm
  • Two 25-minute running-time halves with one referee

Next Start Date: January 31st, 2017 (this league plays every Wednesday)

Team Price: $1,145 (register one month prior & save $50) *Team price INCLUDES: team ball, 12 drifit tech shirts, potential playoffs and prizes for division winners.  Team price DOES NOT INCLUDE: $25/non-member fees nor the $15 fee per team payable to the referee for each game played, including any possible playoff games (typically 1-2 playoff games)

Individual Price: $140

BSSC Member Price: $115

*Team price does not include the $25 non-member fees nor the $15 fee per team payable to the referee for each game played, including any possible playoff games (typically 1-2 playoff games)

How to Register

  • Teams Click here for a team registration packet. Email registration to or fax Attention: Casey 617-744-5479
  • INDIVIDUALS - Click the register Now button below. If accepted you will be placed on a team of other individuals.

- If signing up with more than one person, you must pick ONE person, and have everyone put that ONE person’s name down as the teammate request. If you are signing up with more than 5 people you must sign up as a team, not as indies.

- Please make sure you all sign up around the same time. Spaces are first come first serve.

- All indies will be registered on a ‘hold payment’ or ‘waitlist’ status- this means you will not be charged until we know if we can get you on a team. But you must complete the registration transaction, including adding your payment information.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration does not guarantee you will get on an indies team. That means you have registered for the league and based on availability, you will be informed if we can get you on the team.


<- Coed indies click here to register
<- Men's indies click here to register       


Edge Sports Center
191 Hartwell Road, Bedford, MA 01730