Thursday Men's Flag Football - Somerville

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Kick-start your weekend with our Thursday night football league in Somerville/Medford area.  This league offers a solid level of play for Men's Flag withg leagues startign in April, early June, Late July & September. Room for teams & individual players - sign up now!

  • Men’s 5 on 5BSSC Football
  • Field size 30x60 yards
  • All games are officiated by one referee
  • 6 game season which may or may not include playoffs
  • 1-2 games per week with possibility of 1-2 bye weeks
  • Games start between 7 & 10pm
  • Two 22-minute running-time halves
  • 4-10 teams compete in 1-2 divisions of play
  • Team fee includes team shirts, belt & flags (set of 8), and prizes for division winners


Next Start Date: September 21, 2017

Team Price: $475 (register one month in advance and save $50!)

*Team fee does not include the $25 non-member fees nor the $15 fee per team payable to the referee for each game played.


Individual Price: $110 (includes jersey, flags, and ref fees)

BSSC Member Price: $85 (includes jersey, flags, and ref fees)


How to Register:

  • Teams - Click here for a Team Registration Packet. Email completed form to
  • Team Captains - Get paid back faster! Teammates pay you by credit card with Splitzee. Signup now and get $10 added FREE to your new account, go to
  • Individuals - Sign up by yourself or 2-3 friends can play together. Add their names in "Teammate Request" and we will pair you together based on availability.  To register as an indie, click REGISTER NOW button:




Location - one or more of these may be used (all within a 3 mile radius):

Dilboy Stadium - Primary Location

320 Alewife Brook Parkway, Somerville 02144


Hormel Stadium

Locust Street, Medford 02155


Medford High School 

Edgerly Sports Complex

489 Winthrop Street, Medford 02155




All of these facilities are very strict about what players can and can't do.

Please follow the rules of the facility & do whatever the staff asks of you!

  • No gum, sports drinks, or food allowed on the field.  Only water is allowed.
  • Gym bags are also NOT allowed onto the field.
  • No Smoking.  
  • No Dogs. 
  • Indoor bathrooms are available at Dilboy, Hormel & MacDonald.  Port-o-toilets are at MHS.   
  • Please pick up your trash...tape, water bottles, everything 


*At Dilboy Stadium

  • Players are not allowed onto the playing surface until the game before ends. 
  • Gym bags are NOT allowed on the field and must be left in the stands. 
  • When allowed onto field you may NOT walk on the track, use rubber mats.

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