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In tough economic times, businesses need to be creative with their budgets, so maximizing professional affiliations is important. A partnership is a mutual agreement between BSSC and a business, agency or media company in which BSSC receives either monetary compenstation or value add components (products & services) to extend to our membership.  In turn, our partners have access to our member base.  Partnership agreements may be non-cash agreements due to the high value that both parties receive through the cooperation. 


We are happy to collaborate on custom-built agreements, or you may complete the application below to have your company considered for the BSSC Member Rewards program.  In this program, local companies are able to extend substantial discounts to BSSC members with no cash outlay.  The program provides savings on products and services to BSSC members, while bringing new business and valuable exposure to our partners. 


Contact:  Ryan Walsh, 617-789-4070, ext 230, ryan@bssc.com.

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