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Outdoor Softball

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  • Leagues start in April, May, August & September
  • Team & individuals of all levels are welcome
  • Coed 10 vs 10 (7 men/3 women in field) and Men’s 10 vs 10
  • Umpired, slow-pitch games with BSSC specific rules
  • 8-12 regular season games plus playoffs (each league varies)
  • Weeknight (Mon/Wed/Fri & Tue/Thu), Friday and Sunday options - Each with various levels of play
  • Games last 1.25 hours or 7 innings and utilize 1-1 count

To learn about all the softball leagues now forming, click on Current Offerings


Want to know what Fields we play at??

Go to the Locations Page for more information fields to be used for the upcoming season.