By: Peter Lavelle, Ultimate Bootcamp


So – you want to stay focused on your fitness, right? Easier said than done, correct? This is a time of year that is right on your radar for getting rid of unwanted pounds, or perhaps even ratcheting up your workouts. If only there was some way to stay accountable…some way to keep focused…a way to keep your foot on the exercise gas pedal.


Enter community, friendships, teammates, fitness schedules… all of these already exist in your life, and they are great tools for success! Being a BSSC member, you’re used to blending your active life with your social life. There’s no reason why you can’t do the same with your fitness. The people around you offer support as well as accountability, so take advantage of that and use them to reach your goals. Here are 5 great ways to lean on what’s already available to you…

  1. Tell Your Friends. Once you’ve told somebody about something you’re going to do, you feel compelled to make sure you do it. Let someone know that you’re going for a run, or hitting the gym. You won’t want to face them and have to say you didn’t do it!
  2. Drag Them Into It! Ask a buddy about a time you can both exercise together. It doesn’t matter if you have different fitness abilities. Hitting the gym together, or doing a 5k together will mean you have each other as a support system.
  3. Put a Time On IT! If you wait until you have some free time to work out, the day will be gone, and you’ll be either too tired, or too busy. Set your alarm clock a little earlier than usual, or put an hour on your calendar so that you have a scheduled appointment with yourself.
  4. Use Someone Else’s Schedule! Sign up for a class or program that forces you to show up. Programs like Ultimate Bootcamp take the difficulty out of just about everything, meaning all you have to do is show up. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be well on your way to some great momentum, and their Trainers will deliver the results to you!
  5. Write Your Goals Down. Having something stuck on the fridge, or maybe on the bathroom wall will mean that you have to face it. If your goals are staring back at you, then you can’t ignore them. Start out with something that’s attainable, like putting the days of the week that you want to exercise, or having a minimum number of exercise days in a week.

Once you get used to having your friends and social network weaved into your exercise lifestyle, you’ll not only enjoy it more, but you’ll also have their encouragement. Nothing feels better than your friends telling you how great you look!







About Peter

A native of Ireland, Peter has worked in the Sports and Fitness industry for many years as a fully certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and has a certificate in Sports Nutrition. His energetic and entertaining training style keeps participants smiling as their bodies burn calories "like a furnace". As a Personal Trainer for Ultimate Bootcamp, Peter works with a variety of clients whose goals range from weight loss to increasing athletic ability and performance.


Peter's interests include multi-sport events such as triathlons, as well as running marathons, playing golf and enjoying as much of New England's outdoors as possible. His philosophy is: "We're not here for a long time - we're here for a good time."