Lasell Captain Spotlight

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Lasell College Captain's Spotlight


Nominate your captain to win an online graduate course at Lasell College!


BSSC’s partner Lasell College is committed to providing you the skills you need for the career you want.
Now through September 29th, a BSSC captain will be selected from the nominees to win a voucher to take a 3-credit graduate-level course online at Lasell College. That’s an entire graduate course for free, just for stepping up to be a BSSC captain!  You can nominate yourself or a captain anytime with new sports photos... the more you post and tag, the more chances to win!


How it Works:

  1. Post a photo of the captain and tell us how your captain is exceptional (humor encouraged)
  2. Tag @LasellGrad & @BSSC to Facebook or Instagram with #CaptainSpotlight OR Tag @BSSC & #LasellGrad to Twitter with #CaptainSpotlight
  3. Check your email. Winners will selected bi-weekly and awarded with a graduate course voucher from Lasell College!


Lasell's graduate programs are flexible and convenient, so students pursue an advanced degree that fits into their personal and professional lives. Lasell ensures that academic advising, internship assistance, networking events, and library resources are all available online when students need them.

The free course will be specific to the September 2017 term and covers graduate tuition only. It does not include fees and materials. Course must be taken for credit and a grade, and is non-transferable. Winners will be selected on a bi-weekly basis starting 5/26/17 and ending 9/29/17 with 10 winners total.

Learn more about Lasell College Graduate Programs today!

Athlete: Lauren C.

Team: Wildcat Nation

League: Field Hockey

Week: May 21-27, 2017

Athlete: Megan M.

Team: Waka Waka FC

League: Soccer

Week: June 4-10, 2017

Athlete: Ian R.

Team: Slugs MacKenzie

League: Softball

Week: June 18-24, 2017

Athlete: Liz G.

Team: Warriors

League: Lacrosse

Week: July 2 - 8, 2017

Athlete: Paul E.

Team: 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One

League: Soccer

Week: July 16 - 22, 2017

Athlete: Danielle M.

Team: DTFH

League: Field Hockey

Week: July 30 - Aug 5, 2017

Athlete: John N

Team: Pirates of the Pancreas

League: Soccer

Week: August 13 - 19, 2017

Athlete: Theresa S

Team: Ladies in Red

League: Field Hockey

Week: August 27 - Sept 2, 2017

Athlete: Megan P

Team: Sparkle Motion

League: Lacrosse

Week: Sept 10 - 16, 2017

Athlete: Kyle K

Team: Blood Sweat & Beers

League: Dodgeball

Week: Sept 24 - 30, 2017



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