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Is BSSC a singles club?
No, but it’s a great way to meet people!  Although the majority of our members are single, BSSC is a lot more than a singles club.  BSSC events are organized so that our participants have an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and with events in sports, skiing, travel and social, there is something for everyone. With all the opportunities to meet people, many friendships and marriages have “happened”. 


Why is BSSC better than some of these other leagues and organizations in the area?
Boston Ski & Sports Club has been orchestrating leagues and activities for active adults in great Boston since 1965.  BSSC began as a ski club and has grown to become the largest, full-service recreation organization in New England.  With a full-time staff of 14, BSSC is solely dedicated to the creation and servicing of thousands of recreational events per year.  With annual registrations totaling over 30K, BSSC remains the biggest and the best way to play in Boston.


What is the age/demographic of the average BSSC participant?
BSSC services over 30K participants annually in the greater Boston area.  Members and participants are young, socially active professionals, and evenly split between men and women. Most BSSC participants are 24 – 42 years of age, with a median age of 33 years old.  Different events attract slightly different age groups and genders.


Do I have to be a BSSC member to participate in activities?
No, but as a member you receive membership rates – a savings of $5 to $40 per activity. BSSC members also have access to discounts in the Member Benefits Program which is a growing list (now 40+) of retail stores, health clubs, services and more.  Membership is only $65 a year for all theses great savings. Members who keep their membership active can renew for only $50 per year.


I don't live in Boston, is that okay?
Of course it is okay!  In fact we have members from Maine to Rhode Island.  While many activities do take place in the greater Boston area, members from all over New England join us when they are in town or on our trips which take place all over New England and the world!


Do I have to pre-register for an activity or can I just show up?
For most events you must pre-register, as there is limited space.  For large parties and cruises you can usually buy tickets at the door (they are more expensive), but you should call BSSC on the day of the event to be certain it is not sold-out. Pick up volleyball has no pre-registration, although there is a capacity limit, so if you show up late you may be closed out.


How early do I need to sign up for events, trips, leagues?
It really depends on the activity.  Some with limited space sell out within days of being advertised; others are available on the day of the event. Keep in mind that many sports teams fill up quickly, some day ski trips get cancelled mid-week due to low registrations and often airline tickets are released months before the trip leaves, so register early so you don’t miss out.  Please sign up as soon as you are certain you can go and also be sure to familiarize yourself with our cancellation policy prior to registration.


How can I find out about upcoming activities?
The BSSC.com website is updated daily and is an excellent source for up-to-date information.  You can also sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter, The BSSC Playbook, or subscribe for e-mails about certain events through "eupdates.”


How do I register for a league or activity?

Online:  Simply click on the Register link on the league/activity page and submit the form.  Some activities, due to availability or special information, are not available online.
Phone:  Call 617-789-4070 and you will be directed to the appropriate program manager.
Fax:  Print the appropriate registration form and fax to 617-744-5479.
Mail:  Print the appropriate registration form and mail to Boston Ski & Sports Club, 51 Water Street, Watertown, MA  02472-4611


Is the BSSC website secure?
We employ reasonable and current security methods to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure correct use of information.  Current security includes the use of a 128 bit shared SSL with a certificate issued by Comodo Class 3 Security Services Certification Authority. 


What are your office hours?
The BSSC office is open Monday-Friday from 10AM - 5PM, and the
Emergency After Hours Hotline is 617-462-8844.


How do I become a member?
Joining the club is easy.  You can mail a completed membership registration form with a check made payable to: Boston Ski & Sports Club.  You can call BSSC at 617-789-4070 with a Visa or Mastercard, or you complete the online registration form in the Membership section of our website.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation policies vary by the type of activity.  Please see our policies for complete information.




Can I register to play a BSSC sport if I don’t have a team?
Sure!  We will find you a fun bunch of people to play with on an existing team or place you on a team of players who have signed up individually. Some leagues are comprised of mostly full teams (i.e. volleyball and floor hockey).  In these cases, you should contact the program manager and he/she will put you on a free agent list and look for teams who may have an opening for you. 


I want to play on the same team with a couple of friends….how can I do that?
We honor these requests all the time.  When registering as an individuals, each player should put the name of their friend in the “teammate request” field. Choose one main person from your group and have everyone put that name as the requested teammate. 


What are the signup deadlines?
All BSSC leagues and clinics are first-come-first-serve.  Some leagues sell out weeks in advance, so it is best to call as soon as you see the posting and know that you want to register.  There can still be room left up to a week in advance of the start date, so if you’re not certain until then, it’s still worth a try.   


How will I know my teammates, playing schedule and game location?
If you have signed up as part of a full team with a full roster and captain, BSSC communicates the schedule directly to the captain, who usually then forwards the information to his/her teammates.  BSSC also posts schedules & standings to BSSC.com on the specific league page. 


If you have signed up as an individual, you will be emailed the time and place of your first game about a week prior to the start date.  When you arrive at the game, simply check in with the on-site BSSC representative and they will give you everything you need….such as your t-shirt, list of teammates and schedule for the rest of the season.


How do I register my full team?
You can register by phone, mail or web.  Each league has a registration form, so simply provide that information and payment by check, cash, Visa or Mastercard.  Registrations are not valid until payment is received.  Returning teams to a league have a right of first refusal and are usually given a month to decide if they are coming back.  If the team is new to the league, they should submit their registration as soon as possible.  These teams are waitlisted and will be accepted into the league once the returning team deadlines have passed.  Remember to register at least one month prior to the start date to receive a $50 discount!  Some leagues fill very quickly, and sometimes there is still space up to week before the start.  Your best bet is to submit your registration as early as possible.

Can I play in a BSSC league if I am not a great athlete?
Yes!  We ask you to rate yourself from 1 to 5 (1= beginner), and we recommend that all players have a basic knowledge of the game.  We then try to make sure that all teams are fairly equal.  Some leagues have multiple divisions where most of the higher divisions are comprised of seasoned BSSC teams.  We usually place teams of individuals or what we call “indy teams” into the lower divisions to give them a chance to play the game effectively as a team. 


I want to play a particular position on the team I join.  How do I do that?
If you have signed up as an individual, you will be placed on a team with other individuals.  BSSC does not coordinate how things work within the team.  Once you meet your teammates on the first night of play, you will work out amongst yourselves who will play where and how the team will run.


I have played Division I sports in college.  Will I be able to find competitive enough play in BSSC leagues?
For some sports, different leagues will have different playing experiences.  For other sports, there may be multiple levels available within the same league.  Speak with a BSSC program manager to discuss the best match for your skills and experience.  He/she can talk about the play best suited for your background and interests.  


Does BSSC offer any Men’s and Women’s sports (non-coed)?
Yes, while most of our sports are coed and require a certain number of each gender to be playing at one time, we do have Men's Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football and Volleyball and Women's Volleyball Field Hockey and Lacrosse.


Are the locations of your activities “T” accessible?
Some are.  Check the locations for a specific league or call BSSC with the league/ activity you are interested in. 


What kind of cleats can I wear?
Only rubber cleats are allowed.


Do I need to bring my own stick, ball, shin guards etc.
BSSC provides game balls and the necessary equipment to play each sport (bases, nets and more).  Softball bats, sticks (for hockey and lacrosse) and appropriate protective gear is the player’s responsibility.


I received a team ID and login for my roster.  What do I do now?
Every person playing on your team must be on the roster.  You have 3 weeks from the start date of the league to finalize your roster.  Many captains forward their login information to their teammates so that each player can enter their own information.  It is very important that each player to complete all necessary fields as this information is the way that your BSSC membership status is validated.  If we cannot find a match for a player in the BSSC registration system, then the team will not receive the member discount on the player.

What happens if a league is rained out? When do you make your decision to cancel?
We make every effort NOT to cancel BSSC activities. Activities run as a function of the playability of a field, not the current weather conditions. Players should always be ready to play, and if in doubt, check with BSSC. Cancellations will be posted to BSSC.com or call the BSSC cancellation line at 617-789-4070, ext. 300. Decisions are usually made after 4pm on weekdays and 2-3 hours in advance on weekends.




How old are the people who attend and what is the male/female ratio?
Each activity draws a slightly different age demographic, but the majority of our social participants are ages 24-42.  The male/female ratio at any given event can vary, but BSSC strives to keep the ratios even.


What if I want to go to a party and don’t know anyone?
That’s why we’re here!  BSSC makes it easy to meet people.  BSSC social events are always staffed by friendly people and organized to make it easy for you to meet others.


Can I pay when I get there?
It is strongly recommend that you pre-register for every event, as many events sell out, some events require a guest list in advance and often prices can cost more at the door.





Do I need certain gear to participate?
Some activities do require specific equipment or clothing to participate.  On a bike ride, you will need a bike & helmet.  On a rock climbing adventure, participants are required to have appropriate footwear. All necessary requirements will be clearly outlined on the activity page and confirmation.


Do I need prior experience to participate?
The majority of BSSC activities are open to participants with all levels of experience.  If a specific ski is required, it will be noted on the activity page and confirmation.


How physically fit do I need to be?
Each activity indicates a skill level and information regarding the terrain, duration of the activity, etc.  You should use this information to decide if you are physically able to participate in the activity. Before registering for any BSSC adventure, you should be aware of your own physical capabilities and endurance. 


Travel / Ski & Stay


How many people are in a room on your trips?

BSSC believes in minimum occupancy. Whether a hotel or condo, it is two people per room and each person has his/her own bed! Nobody has to sleep in the living room or on a rollaway. If you are traveling alone, we will match you with a roommate.  If you are going with a friend, we will match you together.  If you are going with a significant other, we will try to get you a queen or king size bed.  If you are going with a group of friends, we will get you into the same condo/s or hotel rooms near each other.


Your trips look great, but I will be traveling by myself?

Not to worry, many of the people on our trips are traveling the same way.  Besides matching you with a roommate the trip leader will organize group get togethers for you to get to know each other.  By the time you get to your destination, you will have many new friends!


Is it mostly couples going on your trips?
No, it is mostly single adults and as mentioned above, many if not most, are traveling solo.  We welcome couples (most have met on a BSSC trip) and even on the New Year’s trips, it is mostly single people and groups of friends.


What is the age of the people on the trips?
It depends a little on the trip, but it is mostly single adults in the 25-45 range.  A Whitewater rafting weekend may draw a younger crowd and a week long trip to Venice may draw a slightly older crowd. All BSSC travelers tend to be lively, fun, enthusiastic and adventurous. 


I see some trips without a daily itinerary.  What does that mean?
One of the benefits of our group travel is the flexibility.  For some trips, we like to leave it to the actual travelers to decide what they would like to do each day.  There will be at least one or more group activities per day for each trip.  The selected activities are made by the majority of the group, usually between the time of the pre-trip meeting and departure. Every trip has a trip escort who is there to help organize details and facilitate group activities, but each traveler can be as solo or social as they choose


Why should I travel with BSSC?
With over 45 years of experience, we really do make it easy for you to travel, because we take care of all the details.  We do the arranging so that you can enjoy the best destinations, widest variety, first rate accommodations, the best prices, and the best group of people to travel with.  You'll travel with your peers and make lifelong friendships. With pre and post get-togethers for extended vacations, it's like traveling with a big group of friends!


How far in advance do I need to register?
As soon as you know you want to go!  For a major vacation, you should book by the listed deadline and for best rates (savings often up to $100), you should book by the early signup date.  After these dates are past, it is sometimes possible to still get you on the trip, but it becomes complex and more costly to procure the necessary accommodations and airfare. Seldomly, BSSC has cancelled a trip due to lack of interest and people call asking why it has been cancelled because they wanted to go.  BSSC can only reserve airline seats for so long until they need to be released back to the airline.  Booking your trip as far ahead as possible helps everyone! If for some reason you register for a trip and it is cancelled, you will be fully refunded. For weekends 3-4 weeks in advance is recommended.


What is the cancellation policy?
The general policy is below, but some trips may have variations, and the specific trip policy would be in force.

For weekend trips, 

  • Cancellation greater than 21 days prior to departure -- refund of amount paid, less a $20 service charge.
  • Cancellation less than 21 days prior to departure and a suitable replacement is made -- refund of amount paid, less a $50 service charge.
  • Cancellation less than 21 days prior to departure and no suitable replacement is made -- No refund.
  • Unpaid balances within 21 days of departure are subject to cancellation and forfeiture of all monies paid.

For extended vacation travel,

  • Deposits of $200 - $500 are required to reserve space, and are non-refundable and not transferable.
  • Cancellations are subject to additional fees set by the agency administering trip. The closer to departure, the greater likelihood of complete forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • BSSC always recommends that travelers purchase travel insurance


Ski Days


What mountains do you go to and how long is the drive?
BSSC takes day trips to some of the best mountains in New England, including Sunday River, Stowe, Jay Peak, Killington, Sugarbush and more.  Drive times range between 3-4 hours. 


Where do I pick up the bus?
There are 2 bus routes for most day trips, all with parking: Check the website under your trip page for exact pick up points and departure times.


What time do the buses pick me up and come back?
Depending on your pickup location, the buses depart between 4:30am-6:00am and all buses leave the mountains at 4:30-5:00pm.


Can I get a refund or transfer to a different trip if I miss the bus?
Day Ski Trips are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Is everybody an expert skier/boarder on the trips?
No, there are all levels.  The mountains have terrain for all levels of skiers & snowboarders, from never-evers to experts and everything in between. Learn-to- ski/board lessons are offered at most areas at discounted rates!


Can I get rentals or lessons?
Yes.  For rentals, check the destination as BSSC offers discounts with advanced registration for most, (typically $30-$35/day).  For lessons, we recommend you contact the mountain directly to select the appropriate learning package. If you choose a package that includes a lift ticket, simply register with BSSC as “bus-only.”


Am I the only one skiing by myself?
The majority of our day skiers register alone. You just need to roll out of bed and onto the bus and our trip leaders will take care of all the details, including coordinating a group lunch  spot. You can be as solo or as social as you choose.


Is there a minimum age allowed on the trips?
All ages are welcome on these trips.  The only requirement is that if the participant is under 13 years old, his/her parent must be on the trip and he/she must carry the parental consent form at all times.  For ages 14-17, they must carry the parental consent form.


Are there any group discounts?
Yes, your lucky number is 7.  If your group totals 7 or more people, you all go at the BSSC member rate.  See more info on our group sales page or contact Bryan Hickey, bryan@bssc.com.

How should I pack for the trip?
First, we suggest you dress in layers, so that you’re comfortable on the bus and then have plenty of gear for the slopes.  Most people bring a back pack on the bus with some clothes, book, music, snacks for the ride and possibly lunch if they don’t want to purchase at the mountain. Boots can be brought onto the bus and must be stored below the seats for safety reasons.  Skis and boards are stored in the luggage bays under the bus, organized by your pickup location.


Can I leave stuff on bus?
You may leave items on the bus, but you will not have access to your belongings during the day as the bus will be locked and parked.  Many people purchase a locker at a lodge at the mountain (bring change). BSSC is not responsible for loss or damage to any personal property.


How does seating work?
There is no assigned seating and seats are first come first serve.  Then that seat is yours for the day... for the ride up and for the ride back home. 


I’m catching the bus in Boston, and my friend is catching the bus in Woburn.  How can we sit together?
The only way to guarantee sitting together is to be at the same bus stop at the same time.  Your trip may have multiple routes and/or buses and a certain bus route may not include all pickup points.  So it is possible that if you are at different pickup points, you may be on different buses. Ask the BSSC staff and make meeting arrangements with friends.


I want to stay with friends for the weekend and drive back with them?  Can I do that? 
Yes.  When you register, make sure you make this known. On the trip, please remind the trip leader that you won’t be on the return trip. 


I want drive myself and meet the bus to get the lift ticket. Can I do that? 
No.  When book trips with the resorts, they are counting on us bringing groups to the mountain.  This is how we get the great deals - we can't just hand you a ticket at the mountain.


Ski Racing


I can ski, but I have never raced?
Not to worry, Nashoba Valley has set up a handicapping system that allows everybody a chance to score points for their team and themselves.  You will be matched up weekly with the person that the previous week had the closet times to yours, making YOUR race fun and competitive.


I raced in college; I am looking for some serious racing.
Perfect. Many of the racers are ex-college racers and again, like the novices, you will be matched up against the same level of racer making your race fun and competitive. 


What do I wear; I don’t have a race suit?
Wear what you wear when you go skiing, no different.  The top racers do peel down to skin tight racing suits…..wear ‘em if you got ‘em.


I don’t know anybody?
Not a problem.  We will ask you to fill out a skier profile and we will make up teams based on racing experience.  The top racers will be placed on ultra-competitive teams trying for the top spots and a chance to make it to the overall Championship.  Others will be matched accordingly, from serious to fun.


What if I miss a night?
It happens.  The scoring system allows for such events as they take the top 3 scores from your team each week.  So missing a week does not hurt your team.  Your bib number the following week will be based on your previous week/times.  You do not receive any refund or transfer of your lift ticket though…..you miss a night, you miss a night.


What if I have to miss the BSSC Cup race?
It happens. It would be a shame to miss it but we make the teams based on if you plan to make it or not.  We send an email out near the end of the season to see who will make it or not.  If you do miss it and were planning on going, we have ways to handicap your team so they still have a chance to win.


Where is Nashoba Valley and how long will it take to get there?
It is located about 22 miles west of Boston off RT 2A in Westford, MA.  With traffic it takes about 45 minutes from Boston.  There are side roads that the regulars can tell you about to help.  Most folks usually make it by 6PM and racing starts at 7PM.


What time is it over?
The official racing is generally over around 9:30PM.  You may free ski until they close at 10PM, but you are free to leave after your 2nd and last run.  But most folks head for the bar in the lodge to socialize, watch the video of the nights racing, the raffle, and wait for the results to come out, which is usually around 11PM or so.